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Install LaTeX / Math online add-on at your Google Chrome online store to your Google account and use it to write or edit math formulas.

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Our app is a free online application to edit and edit math formulas. You need to prepare for the next lesson, or you need to write math formulas for your studies, exams and teaching. If using on word or other software is too time consuming and not easy? Our application will help you. You can edit math formulas very simply and intuitively, then save as .tex file format.

What people say?

Sally Giffith

“Love this add-on! Makes writing math tests and notes easy. The creator was very helpful and quick to respond to my questions.”

Qi Zhang

“Fantastic. For those times when you need a few equations but would rather not write a full latex document.”

Ganpat Mahobiya

“This is awesome for taking math notes. Thankyou very much for creating this!!!”

Tj Nelson

“Collaborating with others on mathematical ideas have become so simple. Makes life so much easier. Thank you for creating this.”